A Fine Way to Grow and Develop

By: Alan Harvey

Posted: May 12, 2018

Category: Daily Devotional

And Jesus increased in wisdom and in years*, and in divine and human favor.
Luke 2:52  *Or in stature.

I have always loved and appreciated this closing sentence of the second chapter of the Gospel of Luke! More than any other evangelist, Luke has given us more information about Jesus’ birth and childhood and he closes that period of Jesus’ life with that verse addressing Jesus’ growth and development.

In prayers I have offered upon the birth of a child or in relation to a child’s baptism, I have often alluded to that verse. It is my prayer that the child will grow and develop like Jesus … growing in wisdom and in stature. It is my prayer that the child will develop and enjoy a personal and intimate relationship with God. It is also my prayer that the child will increase in favor with God and all people.

Quite a few years ago now I ceased in growing in stature, but hopefully I continue to grow in wisdom. By having purchased a variety of Great Courses, I have sought to become a lifelong learner … reading and studying topics of interest to me as a pastor as well as courses of general interest on the arts, literature, history and science. There is so much to learn about this great, big, wide wonderful world in which we live,

Somewhere along the way, I believe I substituted growing in stature for growing in girth. At my age it would be to my advantage to reduce my girth which might benefit me by making me healthier and perhaps lengthening my life.


Creator God and Our Creator, we thank You for making us in such a way that we can increase in wisdom and in stature and in favor with You and all people. Whether we are short or tall, fat or lean, we can grow in wisdom and we can grow in favor with You and all people. Help us to view growing in divine and human favor as a lifelong pursuit. These things we ask in the name of our Elder Brother Jesus, who is our Savior and Lord. Amen.