A Parent’s Gift

By: Church Office

Posted: December 26, 2015

Category: Daily Devotional

Lyn Swart’s nativity set was a gift from her parents.

Lyn writes: “The porcelain figures in the Nativity were a gift from my parents in the early 1980s. They were made by the residents of Luther Village, a nursing home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My mother noticed them while visiting a friend and purchased three sets; my two brothers and their families were each given a set of the figurines, also. It is quite large, the pieces range in height from 9 to 5 inches and I am sure many hours of labor and love went into the completion of each set.

I had the wooden stable made in 1986 by Robert Van Gundy the father of one of our church members, Mitzi Rauth. He made the stable to fit the size of the figures in the set.

I know each of the sets in our family will be lovingly passed on for many generations.”

Scripture: Ephesians 5:18c-20

Thought for the Day: How quickly Christmas passes! How we wish “the dearest day in all the year December twenty fifth” would last longer! With many families there are gatherings and celebrations that stretch out for days. Still we can sing and give thanks for everything in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Prayer: Most Gracious God, we thank You for gifts we have received and for good times we have enjoyed with family members and friends as we have gathered to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Though the day has passed, help us to keep Christmas in our hearts all year long and to You and You alone belong all praise, honor, glory and thanks. Amen.