A Seed of Faith

By: Steve Negley

Posted: May 9, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

Luke 17:5-10

Jesus used everyday objects to teach his disciples and the crowds that followed him. One day, as His disciples asked Jesus to give them more faith, he described for them the seed of faith. The editors of the Spark Story Bible for children retold this incident like this:

Jesus and his disciples were walking near a grove of huge mulberry trees. They wanted to be better followers of Jesus.

“Give us more faith!” they asked Jesus.

Jesus pointed to the largest tree in the grove and said, “Do you see that huge tree?” Then he pointed to a teeny dot on the ground. “Do you see this little mustard seed?” His friends crowded together to see the tiny seed.

Jesus told them, “If you have faith the size of this tiny mustard seed, you could say to that huge mulberry tree, ‘Move into the sea!’ And it would!”

The disciples were confused. Jesus said, “God gives you all the faith you need. All you can do is say ‘yes’ to the faith God writes on your heart.”


God, help me to nurture and nourish the faith that You have planted in my heart, and watch it grow and bear fruit as I follow Jesus, my Teacher and Lord. Amen.