A Son Named Isaac

By: Ray Larson

Posted: July 2, 2015

Category: Daily Devotional

For most of us the birth of a baby is truly a miracle. It truly has to be a miracle! When one thinks that a new life, a baby, a boy or a girl, has been given to us; wow! A new life to grow and to become a living being within the body of a living woman, or better thought of, as a new mother. As a man I have no way of knowing just what a wondrous joy it must be for a woman to be blessed with the birth of a child. To think that a child was conceived and then brought to fullness of life, even within her own body! As we all like to say, God does work in miraculous ways.


This is truly a birth of a child brought about by a miraculous conception and birth. There has never been a birth like this nor will there ever be! This birth of a child has not been brought about by natural processes. This birth now comes only through the promise given by God the Father.

What gives to us the importance of this birth of Isaac is that the promise of God has been fulfilled! This is not just any old birth story, this is the keeping of God’s promise, not only to Abraham and is wife Sarah, but think about it, the promise has been kept for the world to know and be blest!

If we live in faith and obedience to God, our loving Holy Father, then we know that we can live in trust of God’s promises. God has promised us that if we live in faith and obedience we will live this life in God’s loving care, and we will have the life to come, eternal with our heavenly Father.


O Lord God, the Father of all of life both on earth and heaven, May we always feel Your love through-out this life and into the life to come. In Your Son’s name, Jesus the Christ, we pray. Amen.