A Special Souvenir

By: Church Office

Posted: December 4, 2015

Category: Daily Devotional

Jan Denison’s nativity set is a souvenir of a special trip taken during the holidays.

Last year Jan had the opportunity to take a Danube River cruise during December. Among the countries she visited were Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia. It is during this time of year that the famed Christmas Markets are operating. These vendors work in stalls selling seasonal foods, crafts, pastries, hats, gloves and scarves in addition to Christmas tree ornaments and nativity figures and sets.

While in Passau, Germany, Jan bought a hand carved, hand painted and gilded nativity set. She appreciated the rustic stable and the coloring of the figures. She set the nativity up once she got home shortly before Christmas Eve.

Scripture: Psalm 139:7-12

Thought for the Day: Have you ever visited a special place at Christmastime noted for its celebration of the holiday, e.g. Christmas in Williamsburg, Christmas in New York, or Christmas in Bethlehem?

Prayer: O God, wherever we may wander and wherever we may be, we are thankful that You are always with us. We are grateful for opportunities that allow us to travel to special places to see how others celebrate Jesus’ birth. We appreciate the souvenirs from our trips that remind us of this special time of the year and of the joys of past Christmases. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.