A Well-Loved Poem

By: Steve Negley

Posted: February 16, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

Psalm 23

In helping children come to love God and God’s word, the editors of the Spark Story Bible pick two Psalms (of the 150 we have) for their young readers. As we might hope, they shared Psalm 23. They introduced the Psalm itself like this:

David, the shepherd, loved his sheep. He led them to beautiful fields where they ran, played, jumped, and kicked up their heels. They ate lush green grass and feasted on delicious berries. They drank from cool mountain streams and splashed in refreshing waterfalls.

David cared for each and every lamb. If one wandered over the hill, David was quick to go and find it. He put the lost lamb on his shoulders and sang sweet songs and hummed soft melodies. Sometimes he played his harp to help the tired lambs fall asleep.

During times of danger, David fought against wild animals with one a slingshot and some stones. His sheep were not afraid because David was always with them.

David thought about what he did as a shepherd, and thought that God cares for people in many of the same ways that he cared for his sheep. One day, David wrote a song to tell everyone God is alike a shepherd. God loves us and cares for each and every one of us.

To a caring shepherd, it makes a lot of sense that “The Lord is my shepherd.”

Do you know how much God cares for you?


God, take me the fields with David in my mind and soul, so that I can revel in Your care, protection, and bountiful love. Amen.