By: Sarah Bishop

Posted: January 9, 2024

Category: Daily Devotional

Thank you for joining your pastoral staff at these extraordinary gifts telling the Christmas story: a Lenox Nativity Set (from the Tackett family) and Lenox Nativity Plates (from the Eelman family.) We pray you enjoyed them as we did as we took a closer look at the people, animals, and biblical stories in each devotional as well as with the Lenox company’s brochures for each figurine that made up these sets. From the 21 pieces that make up our Lenox Nativity set as well as the 6 porcelain plates that followed the Christmas star through Christmas. We also pray you will stop by and visit these special collections in the Manor Conference Room in the church office. Enjoy these complete set photos and we give thanks for those who gifted the church these beautiful retellings of the greatest gift, our Lord and Savior, Jesus.


Emmanual, as we hear anew the stories of your entrance into the world as an infant in Bethlehem, we give thanks for continual love. As we greet those who also greeted you and shared such good news, we give thanks for your continual joy. As we enter this new year, continuing our celebration of Christmas, we carry such light of hope in our hearts. We thank you King of Kings and Lord of Lords for the peace of salvation such only the Christ child can bring, Amen.