“By contrast, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, FAITHFULNESS, gentleness, and self control.”

By: Ray Larson

Posted: October 17, 2014

Category: Daily Devotional

It is very interesting and faith building as we have taken the time to check out Paul’s reasoning here in the epistle of Galatians dealing with “the fruit of the Spirit.” To begin our thinking on faithfulness, help us to learn the more we live by the Spirit the more we will be able to keep away from the desires of the flesh. To say it in another way, to live by the Spirit provides the power we all need to over-come the desires of the flesh. We are born in the flesh and learn to live in the Spirit.

To live in God’s Spirit frees us from the desires and temptations that come to us in our physical world, the desires of our physical life. For as Paul wrote in vs. 25: “If we live by the Spirit let us also be guided by the Spirit.”

There is no question that we have so many demands of the flesh. We were born in the physical body with all of its needs and desires. For example, the need we experience to know love everyday of life. We know the desires of the physical body are most demanding and are needed to be met in order to maintain life. But it is by the Spirit that as we are able to be living fully in faith. It is in living in the Spirit that we grow ever closer to our Creator. In faith we are choosing to live by God’s Spirit, leading each of us to grow closer to the One who made life itself possible, God our heavenly Father. This gift of the Spirit from God is the greatest blessing there is in life!


Dear creator God, thanks alone is not near enough to express all that we feel deep inside as we walk in our faith into your Holy Presence. May our prayer be heard through Jesus who came to earth to show us how to live in faith. Amen.