Childhood Memories

By: Church Office

Posted: December 28, 2015

Category: Daily Devotional

Toddler Adam Frost arranges the Fisher-Price Nativity set for his mother Laura Frost. She has several nativities, but one in particular kindles memories of childhood and faith formation within the home and the family of faith.

Laura writes: “Although we have several special nativity sets including one I acquired on a trip to Guatemala and the one my children painted at the church Advent workshop, the one that stands out most in my mind is our little Fisher Price nativity set. This set was a gift from my parents given, to us I believe for Adam’s first Christmas or perhaps even the Christmas before he was born on New Years Day.

The reason this set is so special is not only because of the many memories I have of the children playing with it when it was brought out each Christmas, but the symbolism of the importance of our faith in the life of our family. Before Adam was even born, the foundation was laid. It was laid each time my parents took me to church, Sunday School, Wednesday night church activities, and VBS. It was strengthened when they taught children’s Sunday School classes, bought us Bibles, surrounded us with church friends who became family, prayed with us, modeled Christian principles and talked about their beliefs.

My parents modeled making faith a part of your everyday life and accessible to even the youngest family members. We still enjoy taking out this set each year and even though it may not get as much “play time”, it brings back very special memories of one of our children’s very first exposures to the story of God’s love for us.”

Scripture: Luke 2:52

Thought for the Day: What is your earliest recollection of a nativity in your childhood home? Of what was it constructed?

Prayer: Gracious God, how blessed we are to have families that nurture us physically and spiritually as we grow up! How blessed we are to be part of a community of faith that also nourishes us spiritually! It takes a church to help us become what You would have us to be by Your grace. Help us to realize the important roles we play in the spiritual development of Christ’s disciples, who will be the future leaders of the church. In Christ’s name, we pray. Amen.