Christmas Day Evening

By: Church Office

Posted: December 25, 2015

Category: Daily Devotional


Dana Parrish’s nativity set is a gift from her mother.

Dana writes, “ My mother gave this nativity set to me. It took her years to collect the entire set. It is a favorite of hers and I have admired it for many years. One day about three years ago she brought it to me out of the blue and told me I could have it. To say this was a special gift is an understatement and I was moved that she gave it to me. I joked for years about taking it home with me one day and she always joked back with something like, “Not a chance!” So, when she arrived at my door with this nativity set in hand I was touched. Gifts mean so much more when you know they are given from the heart. I know this was my mother’s favorite Christmas decoration and to have her give it to me meant more than words can say.

I have a couple nativity sets at home that I display for Christmas, but this particular set is by far my favorite. It is the centerpiece for all my Christmas decorations. I love clearing off the console it rests on each year right after Thanksgiving and replacing the usual decorations that adorn this console with this beautiful nativity. It gets me in the spirit of Christmas. It sits right in the middle of our living room and I get to admire it everyday for the entire Advent season. It reminds me and my family each day of the season what Christmas is all about.

I have traditionally always set it up myself, but Grayce has recently wanted to join in on the fun. The nativity is made of porcelain and I had to get over the fact that allowing her to help could end in disaster. Then I remembered that we are creating wonderful Christmas memories together and that one day I will give this set to her and she will create her own Christmas memories with her family.

Scripture: Proverbs 31:25-28a

Thought for the Day: Mothers make sacrifices for their children and love is the motivation. Do you know a sacrifice that your mother made for you?

Prayer: O God, we know that Mary was a special woman in Your eyes for You chose her to be the mother of Your son Jesus. We thank You for the mothers natural, adoptive, and foster and the mother figures we have known. We appreciate the sacrifices they have made for us and it is no wonder that we as their children bless their names. Amen.