Daniel and the Lions

By: Alan Harvey

Posted: February 26, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

Daniel 6:1-28

Joy Adamson, an activist, artist, author and animal rights activist, attained a great deal of fame by writing the book, Born Free. This story chronicled Joy and her husband, George’s efforts to raise an orphaned lion cub, Elsa, in captivity, and then to train her how to survive in the African bush. The world was shocked when Joy died on January 3, 1980, and it was initially believed that she had been attacked and killed by a lion, as she had committed her life to preserving African wildlife. Later, the world learned she had been murdered by a disgruntled employee and was relieved that she had not died as a result of a lion attack. But make no mistake, “lions are not called man-eaters” without there having been evidence to prove that these animals can and do kill.

Before Daniel had to contend with lions, he first had trouble getting along with others who were jealous that Daniel was favored by King Darius. Daniel was a devoted servant of God — he prayed every day and strived to live every day according to God’s way. Daniel knew that God was always with him. The jealous men devised a plan to get on the good side of King Darius and to ensnare Daniel. They encouraged King Darius to issue a law that the people must pray to him or else be thrown to the lions.

Now Daniel feared lions, but he respected God’s word more and would not pray to anyone else. Daniel continued to pray to God. The other men reported to King Darius that Daniel was disobeying the king’s new law. Darius made the law and he could not rescind it. He was forced to have his friend, Daniel, thrown to the lions.

After throwing Daniel into the lions’ den, Darius prayed, “I hope your God helps you. Daniel prayed, ‘God I know you are with me. Please help me!’ God was with Daniel At sunrise, King Darius hurried to the lions’ den and had it opened “Daniel?” he called. “Are you there? Did your God save you?” Daniel answered. “I’m here! God kept the lions from hurting me! God always keeps me safe” King Darius was overjoyed to see his friend. From that day on King Darius believed in God.”


Dear God, help us to trust that You will always keep us safe. Let us always remember that in life and in death we belong to You. In Christ’s name, we pray. Amen.