Do Not Judge, Or You Too Will Be Judged

By: Amy McKee

Posted: August 6, 2014

Category: Daily Devotional

I have read Matthew 7:1-5 over and over, trying to come up with what to say for this devotional, it’s definitely been a little uncomfortable and difficult. Therefore, I have decided to share a few things that keep coming to my attention. We all judge. We all look at someone and think we know better about what they should or shouldn’t be doing. I don’t necessarily think that is the wrong thing to do, because God wants us to know right from wrong and to follow in His ways. However, it’s when we put others down and belittle them – then we have a problem. When we judge others, are we making ourselves higher up, are we excusing our own faults? Or are we helping our brothers and sisters out – aiding them to get back on track? I think it all comes down to our motives, our actions, and what’s in our hearts.

We try and teach our children right from wrong, but we definitely have to step in and correct them. But it’s not because we are higher up than they are, it’s because we’ve already been down that road, we know what’s considered right in God’s eyes and wrong as well. So the next time we get frustrated with someone about what they are doing, saying, or behaving – let’s pause for a moment and look at them through God’s eyes. Love them first, correct them gently, and help them get back on the right path. I will guarantee we have all been there and we may go down that road again and we need someone with Christ’s spirit to draw us back to where the Lord has called us to be.


Loving God, help us to love others the way You always love us. Help us to be more caring, uplifting, and discerning when it comes to interacting with others. We pray for Your wisdom, guidance, and remind us that You are the ultimate Judge, it’s not up to us. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.