Don’t Worry – Pray & Trust

By: Amy McKee

Posted: July 29, 2014

Category: Daily Devotional

Hi, my name is Amy Lee McKee and I can be a worrywart. The verses in Matthew 6:25-34 have been some of my favorite verses since high school, probably because I know that I need to read them and recall them – ALL of the time. They should probably be posted on my computer screen, bathroom mirror, and everywhere else in between. When reading through my Jesus Calling devotional by Sarah Young, just today – I came across these two lines . . . Do not worry about tomorrow! This is not a suggestion, but a command. I have to say, after reading those two simple lines, it hit me in a way that it never had before. Jesus isn’t just saying, hey Amy, you know you really shouldn’t worry about this situation. No, Jesus is actually commanding us not to worry about those needs that God promises to supply for us on a daily basis.

What good things come from worrying? I can’t think of anything, but I can list you some negatives including: headaches, illness, consuming our every thought, less productivity, negativity, and lack of ability to trust in our Lord. What is the point of worrying? Does worrying about a situation actually cause it to change? We all know the answer is no, but if we have concern, then we can move into action. Worry tends to make us stick right in our tracks, but concern allows us to pray, to plan, to trust, and to follow where God is leading us. I’m not saying this is an easy road, it requires TRUST and OBEDIENCE in our Savior. It also means making our requests known to Him and also listening for His word upon our hearts. Friends, let’s not allow our worrying about tomorrow affect our relationship with God today and the plans He has for us TODAY.


God of all days, we pray that You will help us to remember that we are commanded not to worry but to trust in You and Your plans for us. Help us to set our goals, steps, and schedules in alignment with Your will. Help us to trust in Your loving guidance. In Jesus’ most precious name we pray. Amen.