Eastertide Devotion

By: Church Office

Posted: May 22, 2014

Category: Daily Devotional

Psalm 63:1-8

Every year, the city of Atlanta hosts an event called the Peachtree Road Race. It is a 6.2 mile race held every year on July 4. People from all over the nation come to Atlanta to run the race and celebrate the holiday together. In addition to the regular race, there is also an event created especially for younger people – the Peachtree Junior.

When I was in fifth grade, I ran the Peachtree Junior with my school. We trained hard for months and ran upwards of three miles every day after school. It was an absolute blast, but it was also so exhausting. After practice, I would get so thirsty that I felt like I could not get enough to drink. The thing with running long distances is you have to monitor your water intake after your run. If you drink too much too quickly it can make you sick, so it is best to take small, frequent sips until your body cools down. Talk about torture! All I wanted to do was guzzle water down by the bottle because I just could not get enough.

What if I thirsted for the Word of God in the same way? What if I just couldn’t get enough prayer? What if small bits of fellowship with God just weren’t enough? I have experienced thirst in my life through playing sports all through middle and high school, and it is a desperate feeling. But, unlike running, we don’t have to monitor our intake of God. The more time we spend in Bible study, prayer, and fellowship the more hydrated we will be. God offers us a life source through a relationship with Him that promises we will never thirst again (John 6:35). What an incredible gift!

As we go through our daily lives, may we earnestly seek God in order to quench our thirst. Take as much of Him as you possibly can – guzzle Him down because He is the only thing that can truly satisfy.


Lord, thank you for the life giving water you offer us. Help us to seek You, and You alone, to quench our thirst. Amen.