For God Did Not Call Us to Impurity

By: Ray Larson

Posted: March 14, 2016

Category: Daily Devotional

Paul wrote this letter to those who were interested in living The Good News faithfully, but is somewhat confused because not everyone wished to follow Christ as he and his followers did. This really speaks to me! If you are anything like me, you must find it very difficult understanding why so many refuse to live the good and beautiful life of the world. To say this does not mean that I’m a defeated Christian. That I am just about ready to surrender to the evilness that just doesn’t seem to wane in our world. Just because we live in this world does not mean that we like the way ‘things’ are happening. If we didn’t have a strong faith in God our Father, we would not believe that God’s goodness will win out! No matter how life seems to be going down to lower and lower depts. You can believe it; God will not permit to die.

What options do we have? Well, there are many. Let’s run through a few just to get the feel of what could be done, if we are so motivated. First, we need to make sure that we are not just simply judging! Paul warns those who are living in faith to put first things first. That is rather than simply judge all who are living far away from God; convince them that the Lord God is in ultimate control of all life. By your example, seen how you live; make sure you are the example Christ expects of you. Paul wrote especially to this “Finally, we ask and urge you in the Lord Jesus that, as you learned from us how you ought to live, and to please God, you do so more and more!” (v. 1)

The best lesson that any of us who love the Lord can give is not to simply say it but to live it! Take a minute and think how far you have come in your faith, as you have struggled and searched and prayed for God’s Spirit to hold you and teach you. St. Paul wrote wanting these new Thessalonian disciples to advance in their faith, so we are to become stronger in our living faith. The game of life is still being played, fellow Christians, let us keep the faith and live it, so that everyone may have the good life, and Life Eternal!


Our hearts are warmed as we live close to Christ the Lord, may all who come in contact with us feel this Love of Christ coming to them through us. We humbly pray. Amen.