Fourth Sunday of Advent

By: Church Office

Posted: December 20, 2015

Category: Daily Devotional


Susan Singleton’s nativity set also was an inheritance.

When Susan’s husband Jim Heyer’s maternal grandmother, Grandma Crum, was downsizing her home, she wanted to put her nativity set into the hands of someone who would treasure it as she had. She selected Susan as the one to whom she would pass down this treasure. Grandma Crum had made this set of clay figures in 1970 and it has belonged to Susan for thirty plus years.

From November through the New Year, the nativity set is displayed on a sofa table facing the dining room. Susan sets it up with help from family and friends.

Scripture: Romans 8:15-17

Thought for the Day: Though our treasures will in time deteriorate, we want to protect them as long as we can and give them to people who will appreciate them as we have. What special treasures do you wish to pass down and to whom will you give them?

Prayer: O Lord, we realize that we are but stewards of our possessions and that we will pass down our treasures to others, whom we hope will appreciate them as we have. As Christmas draws nearer, we are reminded again of how we have become adopted into Your family as children and how we have become heirs of the kingdom. We thank You for the joys known in being stewards, children and heirs through the grace of Jesus Christ. Amen.