God’s House

By: Steve Negley

Posted: May 25, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

John 14:1-14

There’s a Christian band called Audio Adrenaline that has a great song named “Big House.” The refrain of that song goes a long way to capturing my image of heaven:

Come and go with me
To my Father’s house
Come and go with me
To my Father’s house

It’s a big big house
With lots and lots a room
A big big table
With lots and lots of food
A big big yard
Where we can play football
A big big house
It’s my Father’s house

I could be happy if we all settled there someday in “Our Father’s House.”

In the Spark Story Bible for Children, the editors included some of the teachings of Jesus regarding “God’s House”:

Jesus taught his disciples many things. “Don’t be sad or worried,” he said. “Believe in God and in me. God’s house in heaven is so big that everyone can have a room. I’m going there to get your rooms ready. Later, I’ll come back to take you to God’s house. You know the way to where I’m going.”

Thomas and Philip looked confused. “What was do you mean?” they asked.

Jesus said, “I’m the way to know God. Because you know me, you know God too. I’ve taught you about life with God and the good things God want you to do. Pray, ask for anything, and I’ll help you do it.”

Thomas and Philip smile. “We can follow you and do what you ask us to do. You are our way to heaven. We can live in God’s house too!”

Do you know that you have a room in God’s house?

Let that keep you happy as we head n down life’s path.


Thank you, God, for loving me as Your child, and for sending Jesus to claim and save me. And thanks for saving me a special me a room in Your heavenly house. Amen.