How Happy are the Saints of God ~ Hymn 457

By: Connie Shipley

Posted: November 19, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

Devotional Thoughts Based on the Glory to God Hymnal

Psalm 1

The Glory to God Presbyterian Hymnal shows the wonderful connection between our hymns and the book in the scriptures that we know as the Psalms. Where some biblical books (like Ezra and Esther) are only linked by the editors of the hymnal to a single hymn, the Psalms seem to inspire hundreds of the musical selections included in our hymnal. (The index in the hymnal mentions a pairing of Psalm 1 with six different hymns.)

Hymn #457 – “How Happy Are the Saints of God” is actually a presentation of the entire Psalm set to music. The text, paraphrased by David Gambrell in 2009 is set to a tune WAREHAM from 1738. The footnote that was added to this page in the hymnal by the editors reads:

“This paraphrase of Psalm 1 celebrates the permanence of God’s way in contrast with the transience of wickedness. While the wicked are dried up and scattered, the holy people of God are rooted and nourished. They bear much good fruit and are blessed with an enduring legacy.”

As we move into the Psalms, we are preparing ourselves for an abundant life.


Help me, dear God, to be nourished by Your word in such a way that I will continue to produce good fruit in my life. Amen.