Introduction to the Devotional series: Young Children and Worship, Foundational Stories for Young Disciples

By: Sarah Bishop

Posted: January 21, 2022

Category: Daily Devotional

We all love to tell the stories of God and God’s love for us. We love to learn about Jesus and sometimes we need to experience them. In a classroom, we have beloved sets of Children and Worship wooden Bible stories that in three-dimensional ways, we can watch the story unfold. In this next devotional series, we will visit those foundational stories, get a glimpse of the wooden sets laid out to help tell story and ask some wondering questions. Wondering questions that allow us, as always disciples, to recognize God’s wisdom, understand God’s love and sometimes big questions don’t always have easy answers. So grab a seat around the circle and let’s enter into the story.

Sample wondering questions as you join us

I wonder if you were to open the Bible to the story you loved best as a child, what would it be?

What do you think is a good story to tell a young child about God’s love?

How do you prepare to worship God and truly hear the Holy Spirit in scripture?


Gracious Lord, as we enter into your holy scripture again with stories that shaped us a young disciples, may we sit and remember how your word spoke to us then and continues to speak to us now. In the stories of faith, we sit with those saints and know of God’s love in our lives today. May that Spirit continue to guide us and challenge us to wonder, Amen.