It Does Matter that Christ our Lord is Proclaimed out of our Love!

By: Ray Larson

Posted: October 12, 2016

Category: Daily Devotional

What does it matter? It truly matters that we do proclaim Christ out of Love! Have you ever wondered out loud, does it really matter? If you don’t know God’s Son Jesus is His loving blessing to our world it certainly will make a real difference in life.

If the whole world knew what we know, what a wonderful world this would be because our God is a God of Love! You know that, I know that, but the world does not know this about the God of all Creation. God created out of His Love! You see, if the world does not seem to know that God is Love it’s not the world’s fault. It is our fault because we have not lived lovingly in sharing this Good News of God’s eternal love. It won’t do much good to tell this message of our Lord and Saviour Jesus if we don’t live it ourselves.

Just as Paul wrote in Philippians, that there are some who proclaim our Saviour Christ, not out of a living faith, but trying to grab hold of what it was Jesus taught. Some believe that it really isn’t’ that important what we say as long as we do believe. This is seen in this letter Paul wrote to the Philippians. Some proclaim Christ trying to impress, or to lift them up to a higher plane of life. We need to learn from Paul that preaching for self esteem is not preaching The Word; it is not sharing the Love of Christ with those who are also created in His image. It is not being what it is we are preaching!

Nevertheless this is something we do need to hold on to in order to have a life filled with God’s goodwill. In a very real way this is exactly what our Christian faith is all about. A living faith which we all have given to us through Jesus the Christ takes on all that the world has to offer; good or bad. It faces all of life’s confusions, all its frustrations, its troubles and problems that come upon us. In the message of the Good News we know that the love of Christ will see us through any storm that life puts upon us.


Thank You, thank You, Lord of Love, for blessing the whole world and everyone who has lived and is living upon it, with Your Love which will see us through all trials that life brings. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.