It’s All About Him

By: Amy McKee

Posted: February 29, 2016

Category: Daily Devotional

As for human praise, we have never sought it from you or anyone else. As apostles of Christ we certainly had a right to make some demands of you, but instead we were like children among you. Or we were like a mother feeding and caring for her own children. We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God’s Good News but our own lives, too. 1 Thessalonians 2:6-8

I think as human beings, we tend to worry or focus on what other people think. Oftentimes we call this a people pleaser. Diving into the second chapter of 1 Thessalonians we hear more about Paul, Timothy, and Silas when they visited the church in Thessalonica. They weren’t focused on whether these people approved of them or not. They weren’t there for their own benefit, they were there as messengers for God and to serve Him. I love the fact that to Paul, Silas, and Timothy, the people of the Thessalonica church where like their children. These giving men, didn’t take advantage, they cared for these people and loved them whole heartedly. They wanted to share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

When reading these verses, I can’t help but think of our mission ministry with the Presbytery of Honduras. Every two years, a group of faithful members from First Presbyterian Church hop aboard a plane to experience a week unlike any other they will ever experience in Honduras. I feel like those who go on this trip aren’t doing it for their own glory or power. It’s all about Christ. “When we witness for Christ, our focus should not be on the impressions we make. As true ministers of Christ, we should point to Him, not to ourselves.” Once you land in Honduras, you can’t help but become humbled, grateful, and excited to spread God’s love. This summer as the mission team prepares to make yet another eventful trip, let’s gather together and pray for them to have hearts like Paul, Silas, and Timothy as they spread God’s love to our wonderful friends in Honduras.


Gentle Lord, lead us to spread Your word with hearts focused on You each and every day. Help us to be Your hands and feet on earth as we spread Your love everywhere we go. We love you Lord and we thank you. Amen.