Jesus Blesses the Children

By: Steve Negley

Posted: April 19, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

Mark 10:13-16 Matthew 19:13-15

So far in the Spark Story Bible for children, the story of how “Jesus Blesses the Children” fills more pages (with pictures and words) than any other story. Considering the subject, it’s more than fitting. They embellish the story slightly, but what comes though is wonderfully good news:

Jesus travelled all over the land, telling people about the good news of God’s love.

One day Jesus was talking to a large crowd. It seemed that there was always a crowd! The children had to stand on their tiptoes or sit on their parent’s shoulders just to see Jesus. People were everywhere on the grassy hill – laughing and smiling and waiting for Jesus to tell them more about God.

“God loves you and you and you,” Jesus said. “He wants you to love other people too.”

One mom said, “I want my children to hear what Jesus is saying!” Other parents wanted their children to hear Jesus too. They moved closer and put their children down on the grass. One small boy tugged on the corner of Jesus’ robe – and Jesus turned around.

“Ah,” Jesus said smiling, and he bent down to hold the hands of the children standing nearby.

 But the disciples scolded the parents. “What do you think you’re doing? Jesus is too important and too busy to talk to these children! Move your children back!”

 When Jesus heard the disciples say these words, he stood up and turned back to the grown-ups.

 “What do you mean?” Jesus said to the disciples. “These children are as important to me as you are! I want to bend down and look in their eyes and tell them about God’s love too. Never stop anyone from coming to see me, especially children. Let the little children come sit on my knee – children like these are a part of God’s big family too.”

 Then Jesus knelt down to look each child in the eye. “Come sit with me,” Jesus said, “and I will tell you about the love of God, my Father.” Jesus sat on the grass with all the children and told all the girls and boys about God and God’s family. Then Jesus put his hand on every girl’s head and every boy’s head and blessed them saying, “Remember, God and I love you just the way you are!”

It’s worth every word.


God, let me help everyone to know Your love. Thank You for loving me as Your precious child. Amen.