Keep on Believing

By: Amy McKee

Posted: September 15, 2015

Category: Daily Devotional

39 Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Since God has made all this known to you, there is no one so discerning and wise as you. 40 You shall be in charge of my palace, and all my people are to submit to your orders. Only with respect to the throne will I be greater than you.” Genesis 41:39-40

Joseph’s life was a rollercoaster full of ups and downs. First he was a boy, hanging out with his brothers, and loved extravagantly by his father. But that ended when his own brothers sold him into slavery. Then he’s off taking care of Potiphar’s house and livelihood and ends up accused of an act he didn’t commit and winds up in jail. Every time Joseph is trying to do the Lord’s will, things get turned around and what looks like a bleak ending, has a silver lining. Here we are again friends. This time Pharaoh needs his dreams interpreted and Joseph says that he can’t do it, but God can. Joseph then interprets Pharaoh’s dreams and just like that, hope has been restored again. Because of God’s plan and faithfulness, Joseph becomes in charge of Egypt. “And all the world came to Egypt to buy grain from Joseph, because famine was severe everywhere,” verse 57.

The story of Joseph can remind us all, sometimes the way seems dark, and sometimes we don’t see an easy answer or even a glimmer of hope. But we must keep our faith, keep our prayer life active, keep studying His word, and keep on believing. God will work things out in His timing and in His way. Just when it looked like Joseph might be in prison forever, God stepped in to save the day. May God shine the light of Hope in your life this week when it comes to relationships, health, to financial situations, whatever might seem “dark or lonely” may His light of hope shine the way.


God of Mercy, there You are, even in our darkest nights, right beside us. Thank You, Lord, for Your unconditional love, Your loving faithfulness, and Your grace. We love You and we thank You! Amen.