Let God be God

By: Dana Parrish

Posted: September 28, 2016

Category: Daily Devotional

But take courage! None of you will lose your lives, even though the ship will go down. For last night an angel of the God to whom I belong and whom I serve stood beside me, and he said, ‘Don’t be afraid, Paul, for you will surely stand trial before Caesar! What’s more, God in his goodness has granted safety to everyone sailing with you.’ So take courage! For I believe God. It will be just as he said. But we will be shipwrecked on an island.” Acts 27:22-26

This is another one of those verses that I need to print off and put on my bathroom mirror to read each morning. It reminds me to take courage because God is good and faithful and I believe Him when he says he will take care of me no matter how that might look. This verse reminds me that even in the worst situations God is still in control even when I feel out of control. Those times are the best times. The times I feel out of control I know God is in control. We want to be in charge of everything and make it all work out and tie it up with a pretty little bow because it makes us feel safe to control an outcome. It is in the times of uncertainty that we are reminded God is God and will work all things out for His good. The situation with Paul and the men on the boat seemed hopeless, but Paul chose to believe God when he said they would be fine. I am sure in the midst of the storm when the boat was going down Paul might have been afraid, but he held tight to God’s truth that they would be fine. “Take courage! For I believe God.” Acts 27:26

God is whispering this same thing to each of us every day. “Don’t be afraid, I am here.” Let us listen to that still small voice to take comfort and have courage because God is in control. He will do all that he says He will.

There is a song out by Natalie Grant that reminds me of this truth. Here are a few of the verses that I pray bring hope and peace to your life today.

King of the World

I tried to fit you in the walls inside my mind
I try to keep you safely in between the lines
I try to put you in the box that I’ve designed
I try to pull you down so we are eye to eye

When did I forget that you’ve always been the king of the world?
I try to take life back right out of the hands of the king of the world
How could I make you so small
When you’re the one who holds it all
When did I forget that you’ve always been the king of the world.


Gracious God, help me to remember that You are the king of the world. All things work for Your glory. I pray that I remember that truth because You said it and I believe it. I pray that I have courage and rest in this truth. In Jesus Name, Amen.