Let’s go to the movies!

By: Alan Harvey

Posted: November 29, 2014

Category: Daily Devotional

Over the years Christmas has been an overriding theme in many films such as “A Christmas Carol” or “The Homecoming” and has been a scene or two in other films such as “Steel Magnolias” or “The Trouble with Angels.” Within the film archives there are a number of holiday films and each year it seems some new movies are added to the collection. Within the pages of this devotional, you will learn how members and friends have learned or been reminded of the real meanings of Christmas by viewing reels of Christmas films.

Over the years for many viewing a particular Christmas film or films has become as much of a tradition as addressing Christmas cards, baking cookies, decorating the tree or singing carols. Some of these films you may have seen previously, but now you will learn how it is that they are important holiday viewing for members and friends. Other films you may not have seen and your curiosity may be kindled by what others have written about them so that you want to view the films.

As you read this devotional throughout the days of Advent, we hope that you may find some time within this busy season to watch a movie or two and to seek Christ or religious themes in them. Some may make you laugh. Others may bring tears to your eyes. Like Mary you may find yourself pondering things that happen as a result of the Christ child’s coming. Like the shepherds at the close of a film you may praise God giving thanks for Jesus, His most precious gift of love to the world. Like the Wise Men, you may seek and discover Christ revealed in a setting you were not expecting.

Enjoy and God bless you!

Alan Harvey and Amy McKee