Mission Moments: Troop 121 Boy Scouts of America

By: Steve Negley

Posted: November 25, 2020

Category: Daily Devotional

Daily Devotion Focusing on the Missions Supported by First Pres

Proverbs 22:6

Train children in the right way,
and when old, they will not stray

Our church has been a sponsor of what is now Boy Scout Troop 121 for nearly 100 years. (Troop 121 was long known as Troop 21 and is the oldest continuously meeting Troop in the Gulf Ridge Council.)

The annual charter pictured, from 1936, claims that a scout is instructed in “Duty to God and Country”, “Duty to Self” and “Duty to Others”. God and County is the core of scouting, and scores of men and boys in our congregation have walked the scouting path in their faith journey.

Our church freely provides space for scouting (boys and girls) in the T. Oakley Andrews Scouting Center on the northern edge of the church property. Our Deacons, through their benevolence funds, also help cover some of the costs so that all young men who wish can be a part of scouting.

Train children in the right way,
and when old, they will not stray.


God, we pray for the young people that we have the privilege of encountering with Your love, grace, and lessons. Help us to train the young people in our midst so that they might walk the lifelong path as disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus, in whose name we pray. Amen.