My Favorite “Christmas” Things – Holiday Ties

By: Alan Harvey

Posted: December 29, 2017

Category: Daily Devotional

NOTE: For our devotions from Friday December 29 through Wednesday January 3, I have chosen to write some devotionals you might just re-read in the proposed Advent Devotional 2018: My Favorite “Christmas” Things. These devotionals deal with different topic and are being used to set your own “creative juices” flowing that you might make a submission to the Advent Devotional 2018.

Read: Luke 2:7

One of my favorite Christmas things is Christmas ties (bow or necktie). I wear a tie from the first Sunday in Advent through January 6th, Epiphany. Among the ones that are in my wardrobe, I have some favorites that I have purchased because I liked the design and others were received as gifts because people have known how much I like and enjoy wearing Christmas ties.

In particular, I have two that were received as gifts. A navy and burgundy stripe with scattered “Santa” busts on it belonged to Ray Golden. It looks great with my burgundy velour sport coat and navy slacks. I cherish it because “Miss” Elizabeth, Carol Anne and Janet gave it to me after Mr. Golden died. I had met Mr. Golden shortly after moving here in 1998, but I did not know him well. A navy with Christmas trees decorated with red, green, and gold balls and garlands was a gift from Dotti Ross. It had belonged to her husband, Bill, whom I knew better. She wanted me to have this tie. It looks great with a navy suit and white shirt!

I wear these at least once during the Advent/Christmas/Epiphany seasons. The original owners and the donors have all now joined the Church Triumphant and so as I wear these I am reminded of these saints. The ties are nice, in good condition with neither one being extremely wide or narrow, so they are almost always in fashion. I would never buy a tie in a clothing consignment shop, but I knew the people to whom these ties once belonged and so as handsome as the ties are, the memories are even better!


Dear God, upon His birth our Savior was wrapped in swaddling clothes, yet we don our most festive apparel as we remember and celebrate His birth. We welcome the opportunity to wear these clothes and when they have been handed down to remember those to whom they once belonged. Thank You, Lord for the memories. Amen.