Paul’s Letters

By: Alan Harvey

Posted: June 25, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

Romans 1:1-17

My paternal grandmother, “MaMa” was very dear to me. Long before I knew her, she would sit in the den and write letters to her oldest child, her son, Douglas while he was overseas in Japan during the Korean War. I have been told how she would write multiple pages of these letters sharing news of family, church, and community.

When I was a student in college, seminar,y and a pastor in the early years of my pastorate, she would write letters to me … not as frequently or as long, but still most welcome. I have kept some and some I have needed to discard. Not all of the letters were from her to me, for I, too, have enjoyed letter writing and often wrote to my grandparents. As long-distance phone calls became cheaper, I often would call rather than write.

With advancements in technology, we can now send e-mails or texts. With our cell phones we can make calls from almost anywhere. The efficiency of communication has so improved that letter writing has almost become a lost art.

The Apostle Paul was a letter writer. H was also charged to tell others about Jesus. He traveled all over the world and make disciples for Jesus and would help found churches. When he could not go to Rome, he wrote to the Roman Christians.

 He wrote:

 Dear Christians in Rome,

 There are three things I tell people who have never heard of Jesus or God.

  1. Jesus was human (like us!) and God.
  2. Jesus came so people in the world would know how much God loves us!
  3. Believing in Jesus and knowing God’s love changes your life.

Everyone should know this good news! Are you telling people this good news too?

 The peace of God be with you,



O Lord, the means of communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ has become much faster and that is good! Important as ever is sharing that good news personally and face-to-face. We thank You that the Bible’s words are Your words to us. Let us look to them for wisdom every day. In Christ’s name, we pray. Amen.