Peter and Tabitha

By: Alan Harvey

Posted: June 18, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

Acts of the Apostles 9:36-43

Tabitha was a kind woman who loved Jesus and was very good at making clothing. People loved Tabitha and she loved them. People were sad when Tabitha became sick and died. They hugged each other and cried. When someone remembered that Jesus’ disciple Peter was in a town nearby, they went to Peter and sobbed, “Tabitha has died. Please come!”

Peter got up right away and went to see Tabitha. When he got there, Peter told all the people to go outside so he could pray. He got down on his knees and said, “Jesus it is not right that Tabitha died. She served so many people by making beautiful clothing. She told people about You and she loved everyone.”

Whoa! Did you hear that? Peter is telling Jesus that it is not right that Tabitha died. The apostle minces no words. Have you ever told Jesus what you thought was not right?

Well, at least Peter assumed a respectful position. He got down on his knees. He incorporated his complaint in a prayer. He points out to Jesus the many fine qualities of Tabitha: she loves everyone, she tells others about Jesus, she contributes greatly to society. Then Peter closes his prayer by saying, “Please, Jesus, bring her back to life.”

At first, I was horrified that Peter should be telling Jesus what is fair and what is right, but then as we look back in scripture, we see that others have challenged or questioned the Lord. I do believe if we are going to do so, it is good to “get down on our knees and pray” and to say, “Please.”

Tabitha was restored to life and I also believe that while Tabitha was a woman of good works, her life was not restored because of them but by the magnificence of God’s mercy. People were very happy, and they were telling others what God had done through Peter.


O Lord, we praise You for Your mercy (not giving us what we deserve) and Your grace (giving us what we don’t deserve. We thank You that each one of us is gifted with skills and talents. Inspire us to use them to help others and to bring glory and honor to Your name. When we question the fairness or rightness of situations, stir us to humble ourselves, to pray and to say, “Please.” In Christ’s name, we pray. Amen.