Protected By God Through Life!

By: Amy McKee

Posted: June 6, 2014

Category: Daily Devotional

We are told that this is a Psalm of trust shared between a pilgrim on the way to Jerusalem and the Lord God. The Lord is the psalmist’s savior and creator. Throughout all of life we need to look up; above and beyond the heights and the hills, to the One who made them. Reminds me of a powerful hymn we love to sing because the words make us feel so close to God that nothing can take us away from His Presence.

“Are you able, said the Master, to be crucified with me? Yes, the sturdy dreamers answered, to the death we follow Thee.” So the congregation mightily sings the words written by Earl Marlatt. The words and message of this powerful hymn often rings through my mind while trying to do what needs to be done in the course of living out my days. I’m sure this phenomenon occurs for every one of us.

This hymn helps me to remember that “the Lord is my keeper”, the one who called the church into being. The keeper of the church is also the shepherd of every sheep, who will take care of all of us. Not even one of those who are the Lord’s will perish but, as we are told, will have eternal life.


Thank you, O Lord God, for not only the gift of life but also the blessing of eternal life. In The Savior’s Name we pray. Amen.