Serve and Follow

By: Steve Negley

Posted: May 24, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

John 12:20-33

There’s a old camp song that says “I have decided to follow Jesus.” Those of us who have been claimed by Christ’s love call ourselves “believers”, “disciples”, “followers”, and “servants”.

The folks who sat down to create the Spark Story Bible for children retold a story from John’s gospel under the title “Serve and Follow.”

Some people wanted to see Jesus. The disciples showed these people where Jesus was teaching. “When a seed is planted in the ground it dies so a new plant can grow with many more seeds on it,” Jesus said.

Why was Jesus talking about seeds? He explained, “It’s time for God’s promise to come true! I will die and come alive again. Many people will serve and follow me.”

The people asked Jesus how they could serve him.

“Follow me,” Jesus aid. “I will show you how to help and care for others.”

Just then, a voice as loud as thunder said, “It is time for me to keep my promise.”

Jesus told the people it was God speaking. “God says it’s time to follow me.”

After Jesus finished teaching, some people began serving and helping others. They were following Jesus.

The editors of this story Bible then pose this question to the young readers:

If Jesus asked you to follow him by helping others, what kinds of things would you do?

If following Jesus is in part about blossoming in service to others, how are each of us doing?


God, make me faithful follower of the Lord who gave His life for others. Help me to find in Him my abundant life. Amen.