So back in Canaan the future looked rough . . .

By: Lynn McCoy

Posted: September 23, 2015

Category: Daily Devotional

As the Story of Joseph and his family continues in Genesis 42 these are the words from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: The Brothers Came to Egypt.

So back in Canaan the future looked rough,
Jacob’s family were finding it tough
For the famine has caught us unprepared
We are thin
We are ill
We are getting scared
It’s enough to make anyone weep
We are down to our very last sheep
We will starve if we hang around here
But in Egypt there’s food going spare
They’ve got corn
They’ve got meat
They’ve got fruit and drinks
And if we have the time
We could see the Sphinx
So they finally decided to go
Off to Egypt to see brother Jo
So they all lay before
Joseph’s feet
Mighty prince, give us something to eat

Joseph found it a strain
Not to laugh because
Not a brother among them
Knew who he was
I shall now take them all for a ride
After all they have tried fratricide

Joseph did give his brothers supplies, but Joseph accused them of being spies. He used one brother (Simeon) as ransom and ordered the brothers to bring back the youngest brother Benjamin in order to prove their story true.

I understand this as a story of love and trust. Love and trust in the Lord and love and trust in family. Jacob so loved his son Benjamin that he absolutely refused to put him in harm’s way. Reuben, son of Jacob, promised he would return Benjamin safely in order to rescue Simeon and continue to receive badly needed supplies. In order to persuade his father to let Benjamin go, Reuben offered his own sons’ lives. Right now there is a bit of a stalemate on what will happen. Will Jacob relent and let Benjamin go back to Egypt with his brothers? Will Reuben’s sons be safe?


Dear Lord, guide us through family trials and tribulations, knowing that there is an answer if we continue to follow in your steps. Amen.