Starry-eyed Dreamer

By: Steve Negley

Posted: January 18, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

Genesis 37:1-28

The story of Joseph (the favorite son of Jacob) revolves around dreams. The Spark Story Bible gives this short summary of two of them:

One night, Joseph had a dream. The next morning he couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it. “I dreamed we were all in the field (he told his brothers) tying stems of grain together. Suddenly, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Your grain made a circle around mine and then bent over. You were bowing down to me! Isn’t that exciting?” exclaimed Joseph.

“Our grain did what?” They laughed. “Why do you think we should bow down to you like you were some kind of king?” the brothers said angrily…

The next night Joseph had another dream. He excitedly told everyone about it in the morning. “I had an even better dream last night. I looked up into the sky and there I was! I saw the sun, the moon, and 11 stars bow down to me. Isn’t that amazing?” he said.

This time his father was listening. Jacob was angry with Joseph and said, “Why do you think your mother and I would stand next to your brothers and bow down to you as if you were a king? I don’t like the strange dreams you are having. They will never come true!”

Now his brothers and his father were really mad at him.

We probably remember how this portion of the Joseph story ends, with the young dreamer being sold off by his brothers to some slave traders.

As a faith question, the Spark Story Bible asks children to focus on the dreamer and dreams (and not so much the concept of humility or the wisdom of sharing your dreams with those who might be offended.) Their discussion questions are:

Have you ever had an exciting dream?
What was it about?
How did it make you feel?

A question we grown-up might add is —

Does God still speak to us in our dreams?


Lord, speak to me in ways that I will listen. Help me to know Your will for me as I study Your Word and turn my attention to You with all my senses. Amen.