By: John Reiter

Posted: September 23, 2022

Category: Daily Devotional

Exodus 5-11, 12:21-23, 29-36

I invite you to read the scripture above to remember the fullness this incredible story.  To summarize: this is the story of God’s saving action in rescuing the Hebrew people from the bonds of slavery under the Pharaoh. It is the recounting of the plagues and how Pharaoh’s story shifted from the terrible things he was doing to God’s people to the awful things he experienced in the plagues.  Pharaoh wanted the plagues to stop, so he freed the people of Moses and Aaron.

This is a familiar story that is told over and over again.  It is an inspiration story that holds great meaning for us as a people of faith. God shows power as well as faithfulness in freeing the people.  This story also reminds us that God will never leave us and is a source of help in our daily lives.  Think back over your life: where has God been faithful?  When has God been a source of help and power in your life?  How have you thanked God for God’s faithfulness?


Powerful, liberating, and loving God, thank You for always being with us.  Thank You for walking through the hard parts of life with us. Help us to recognize Your faithfulness, compassion, and strength in our lives. We pray that You will continue to walk with each of us today. Amen.