The Beginning of a Life Long Hobby

By: Church Office

Posted: December 1, 2016

Category: Daily Devotional

Psalm 18:1-20

I will never forget my favorite childhood Christmas toy. It was a gift from Santa. That year, I recall going to the department store, Maas Brothers with my grandparents and sitting on Santa’s lap. When he asked me what I wanted for Christmas I said, “a bicycle.” When he asked what color, I replied, “pink.” That Christmas morning when our family gathered around the Christmas tree to open gifts I found the pink bicycle. Wow! I couldn’t believe Santa brought me the pink bicycle! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to ride it!

Later that Christmas Day my parents helped guide me as I went for my first bicycle ride in the grass of our front yard. I hopped on the cushioned pink seat, held on to the pink cushioned handle bars with pink streamers and off I went. I was a bit nervous I would fall off at first, but stayed on the grass until I felt confident to ride on the side walk and on the street. Since then, I have always enjoyed riding a bicycle.

As a young adult I enjoyed leisure bicycle rides with my father and after I got married I continued to enjoy leisure rides with my husband. Not only have I ridden on a few local nature trails, but my husband and I have incorporated our love of riding our bikes into our vacations and have enjoyed seeing cities and sites through bicycle tours. My most memorable bicycle trip was biking over the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco to Sausalito, California.

Receiving my first bicycle was not only my favorite toy, but has been the most memorable Christmas gift. Even though I no longer have that particular pink bicycle, it is one toy I have not outgrown or become disinterested in and will continue to play with and enjoy for years to come.

~ Mary Ann Koon


Gracious God, we have received many good gifts from You and we are thankful. While we have outgrown some toys, bicycles have often given us much pleasure as we take rides even into our adulthood. We thank You for gifts, such as a bicycle that continue to give us enjoyment even when we have left the portals of Toyland. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.