The Centurion’s Servant

By: Steve Negley

Posted: March 30, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

Matthew 8:5-13

With a word, Jesus was able to still a storm. With a word, he also healed the servant of a centurion.

In the Spark Story Bible for children we find this illustration of Jesus’ power simply stated:

Jesus went to visit the people in a town called Capernaum. When he arrived, a large crowd was waiting to see him. A soldier, called a centurion, hurried toward Jesus. The centurion was a powerful man in charge of many servants and soldiers who did whatever he said. He told Jesus, ‘My servant can’t walk, Lord, I need your help. Please make him well.’

Jesus answered, ‘I will come and heal your servant.’

‘Thank you, Lord,’ the centurion said. ‘You are more powerful than I am, and I believe that you can heal my servant.’ Jesus was amazed at the centurion’s words.

‘This name has great faith,’ Jesus told the people around him. ‘Go home’, Jesus told the centurion. ‘Your servant is no longer sick.’

The centurion rushed home, where he found his servant healed.

With a word, Jesus can change things in our lives. Do we trust Jesus to speak those powerful words into the daily events of our lives?


God, help me to pause today in prayer, lifting before You the things over which I feel powerless. Help me to trust and believe that You have the power to deal with what I cannot handle. Show me the next step You would have me take. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.