The Church as Our Anchor for Living!

By: Ray Larson

Posted: March 3, 2016

Category: Daily Devotional

I have found the letter to the Thessalonians to be a truly uplifting experience, every time I read from its pages I feel up-lifted. Why is this? I believe it is because we have learned in our study how difficult it was for the people of Thessalonians to praise and up hold the Lord God as their personal God and Savior. In this land there were many who refused to accept God’s grace as a reality and therefore had tried to hold back those who would share God’s Word of Life and Grace given to all people of the world. Very similar to what Paul wrote in his letter that we are reading now.

In comparison to our day, we do not have many who would hold back God’s Word from being heard. Especially not like it was in Paul’s world. Still, God’s Word is not shared, it is not shouted from the house tops, it is sort of there, but who cares! What an attitude! The secular mind, which is out there most assuredly probably, does not even care whether God’s Word is heard or not heard. This indifferent attitude so strong in today’s world does hold back the growth, the hearing and accepting of God’s Word

Good Friends, we are in a ball game that has a very significant part to play in your life and mine. But, more significantly, for God’s Kingdom in the entire world. All people, you and me and everyone who is alive today, ought to pray and live and share the Good News Jesus the Savior brought into the world, and more importantly in yours and mine today. Please join me and all others who wish to keep God’s Word alive and well in this day. Know the Good News, live it and share it wherever you go. Not only for God’s sake but more, the world’s existence.


God, You are our Maker. May we find Your guidance as we live out our lives in this world of indifference. Guide us in the Spirit of Christ, Your Son and our Lord. Amen.