The Golden Psalm

By: Ray Larson

Posted: November 13, 2014

Category: Daily Devotional

The book of Psalms has been labeled as a collection of sung poetic prayers! That in itself would motivate all of us to want us take some of our blessed time to read through the entire collection, from psalm 1 through psalm 150.

Psalm 16 has been labeled as the golden psalm because to those of us who believe it is to be valued more than even fine gold! To be worth more than fine gold it must be highly valued, and why is that? Probably at the time that the Psalmist wrote this psalm of praise, anything that brings a believer to his/her Father is looked upon as priceless. To you and me, in this our day, it calls all of us to praise and honor the Lord God Himself.

Our psalm speaks openly about those who sin by choosing other gods. Those misguided sinners don’t know enough about the living God who saves that they compound their sin by “their drink offerings” made as a holy sacrifice. If they would but turn to the God who is, who made us, and gave us the goodness of life they would no longer continue in their lack of wisdom.

The Psalmist concludes with this spiritual admonition. Living in the Lord God will keep us on the path of life. In His path we will rejoice and be glad. Secure in His presence, we know that there is nothing, nothing in the entire world that could cause us to fall or fail.


Living and loving God, throughout all ages thou have been looking out for your people. As we read of your people who have lived and loved in your blessings, may your blessings keep us in your saving love, in the merciful name of Jesus the Christ, we pray. Amen.