The Jesus Disturbance!

By: Ray Larson

Posted: April 19, 2016

Category: Daily Devotional


The Jesus disturbance I think is a wonderful way to say that Jesus does possess the Spiritual power to disrupt the World! Not only back in the day that he walked on the earth, but I believe especially in this day, our day. Have you ever realized that Jesus the Christ, God’s Son, has the power to bring about worldly change in our day?  Change not only for the world, but most especially our own personal individual change!

If the world that we live in today would but know of the Messiah’s redemptive power, I firmly believe we could all sleep better tonight. I say this because The Book of Acts tells us both Peter and John believed and they were filled with The Spirit of God. Acts also tell us that the people who heard Peter and John heard the Word and believed, and “they numbered about five thousand.” They shared the Good News and many were never the same again!

This same experience can happen for us today. If so then all the worries we carry with us, such as worries about our loved ones being afflicted with the evils of the world, would be no more! In reality if you and I believed what living in Christ would mean, nothing ever again could cause us fear or worries.

If only the world would realize that God’s Eternal Son, our Lord, will always be with us. That Christ would always be in us, think what this would mean to our world today. Doctors and hospitals would not be called upon as much as they are now. In fact, I believe that doctors themselves would realize that having such a mighty consultant to guide and consult with them in their practice they would all feel wondrously blest. Read it, pray about it, and allow Christ’s Spirit into your soul and you will never be alone again. Christ’s Spirit will remain in you always.


Heavenly Father, our Creator God, thank You for giving us Your Eternal Spirit to live and guide us wherever we go. In The Spirit of Christ we pray. Amen.