The Lamb of God

By: Steve Negley

Posted: March 14, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

John 1:29-42

What nicknames have you been given? What do people call you? What would you ask people to call you?

One of the names used for Jesus is “The Lamb of God”. His cousin John identified Jesus as such one day. In the Spark Story Bible for children these events are depicted like this

“John the Baptist was always talking about Jesus … The day after John baptized Jesus, he saw Jesus walking toward him on a busy road. ‘Look everyone, the Lamb of God,’ John said to the people around him.

 John told everyone about how God sent Jesus to earth. He let the people know that Jesus was the Lamb of God, which meant he would save everyone from the bad things they do in their lives ….”

 In a culture where “sacrificial lambs” and “scapegoats” were parts of the worship life, this title would have made sense in connection with the forgiveness of sins.

At the ends of this story, the story Bible editors pose this exercise for their readers:

 The Bible has lots of names for Jesus. Make a list of names that you would give Jesus.

 That’s a pretty good Lenten exercise for children and adults as we follow our Lord (there’s a name to go along with Lamb of God.)


Loving Lord, help us accept the forgiveness of our sins that comes as we embrace You as the Lamb of God. And help us to focus on the various titles and names others have used for You, as we revel in how You touch us daily as our Gracious Savior, King, Brother …. Amen.