The One God Chooses

By: Steve Negley

Posted: February 7, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

I Samuel 16:1-13

It was time for a new leader for God’s people. God declared that a new king was to be chosen and anointed. Samuel was charged with the duty, and one clue was given. The new king would be one of Jesse’s sons. So, Samuel went looking for what we all might seek. The editors of the Spark Story Bible give us this crucial part of the biblical story:

Samuel looked at the first son, Eliab, and felt sure God would choose him to be king. Eliab was big and good looking. But God disagreed. Samuel was looking at the outside of Eliab, seeing how strong he looked. God was looking on the inside and did not see the right love in Eliab’s heart.

One by one the sons came forward to see if they would be chosen. This one? Nope, sorry. This one? Uh, no. How about this one? Don’t think so. Finally they ran out of sons. Except for one, that is! Jesse’s son David was outside watching the sheep. They called for him.

David came inside. He smelled a little bit like sheep, but his eyes sparkled with joy and love. David was just a boy, gentle and quiet. Samuel tried to see David from outside and inside.

This one? A hush fell over the room as everyone waited.

“Yes!” God told Samuel.

God looks at the heart, and God chooses who to use.


God, look upon my heart today, and draw me so closely to You that I will be one You will choose to use to make a difference in lives of others. Amen.