The Wedding Banquet

By: Steve Negley

Posted: April 6, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

Matthew 22:1-14

In our recent Chapel Chats at the church, we touched on this parable as one of the stories that Jesus told his followers in the last week of his earthly life. Each of these stories invite people to turn their attention to what lies ahead in their lives.

Everyone is invited to be a part of God’s party! Jesus told this story:

The king’s son was getting married, so the king planned a BIG wedding banquet. When everything was ready, he sent servants to tell his friends to come and have fun! But the people who were invited didn’t want to come to that party after all! They said they were too busy. They all make excuses! The king became very angry so he sent the servants to invite everyone they could find to come to the party. Soon the party was crowded with laughing and dancing people! 

Jesus explained that being part of God’s family is like the wedding banquet.

Everyone’s invited to come to the party! 

Do we realize that we are a part of God’s family? Do we live our lives joyfully as guests at the banquet?


Thank You, God, for claiming me as Your child. Let me give You thanks today for the joy I find all around me. Amen.