The Wonderful Terrible Secret

By: Alan Harvey

Posted: May 22, 2018

Category: Daily Devotional

And He ordered him to tell no one. “Go,” he said, ‘and show yourself to the priest, and as Moses commanded, make an offering for your cleansing, for a testimony to them.
Luke 5:14

You cannot remember exactly how it started, the leprosy, that is. Was there just one lesion or were there several when the disease was first detected. In seemingly no time, you were covered with these ugly lesions on your body. You thought of yourself as attractive or handsome, but that was before you were afflicted with leprosy. You did not want to leave your home and family, but this disease was believed to be contagious and if you had it then quite possibly all within your family could become lepers. You left to protect them. You would live amongst others suffering with this disease in a leper colony. When on the streets and others approached you, you were to call out “Unclean!” to warn the people. You may have been from different socio-economic levels, but having leprosy made you all equal … you were outcasts of society … and you depended upon the charity of others.

Fortunately, Jesus enters the city where you are living and you recognize Him. Upon seeing Jesus, you bow your face to the ground and beg Jesus saying, “Lord, if You choose, You can make me clean.” Then Jesus looked on you with compassion, stretched out His hand, touched you, and said, “I do choose. Be made clean.” No doubt you could have been healed by Jesus just speaking the words. Faster than Jesus could utter, “I do choose. Be made clean”, you have been healed completely. You now wonder if Jesus, in healing you, has not become unclean Himself. He took that risk to heal you. That thought is quickly overtaken by the realization that it has been so long since you were last touched.

It is what Jesus does that assures you of being able to rejoin the human race again! It was the touch! How long had it been since you were last kissed, last embraced, last felt a hand on your shoulder or a pat on your back? Too long! Then Jesus orders you to tell no one. Imagine being healed of such a terrible disease and not being able to tell anyone about the wonderful physician, who healed you of your affliction. To have the greatest news and not be able to share it must have been exceedingly difficult indeed! You would be sorely tempted “to spill the beans” but also anxious if you did, the disease might return. You resign yourself to obeying Jesus and keeping the wonderful-terrible secret. Jesus said, “Go and show yourself to the priest, and as Moses commanded make an offering for your cleansing, for a testimony to them. In spite of Jesus’ command to tell no one, His fame as a Healer spreads throughout the countryside. If given such a wonderful-terrible secret, would you keep it or share it?


Good Lord, how could we keep from sharing the Good News with others if we had been healed as was this man with leprosy? How can we keep from sharing with others what You have done for us? Help us to be excited and faithful to teach and make disciples for You. In Your holy name, we pray. Amen.