We Three Kings

By: Advent Devotional

Posted: December 23, 2018

Category: Daily Devotional

December 23

Matthew 2:2

One of my favorite things to wear during the Christmas Season is a piece of jewelry I bought many years ago due to its uniqueness. One of my favorite Christmas hymns is “We Three Kings”, so when I found a pendant with three kings following a star, I was thrilled! I wear this pendant often during the days leading up to Christmas.

As most people know, I could always be found sitting in church on Sundays between my mother and father, Ann and Jim King. After one Christmas Eve service, my father wished Dr. Negley, a “Merry Christmas from the three Kings!” It made me smile and still makes me smile to this day. My daddy has since moved on to his heavenly home, and this remains just one of many special memories I have of him, which makes the Three Kings pendant even more special to me.

~ Karen King


Maker of the stars, we give thanks for star that guided the Three Kings to the one born King of the Jews. As they were led by the star, so we ask You to lead us through this holiday season. We ask You to help us see Jesus in others and to show Jesus’ love and compassion to them. In doing so, that will be the best gift we could offer our Savior and Lord. In His name, we pay. Amen.