What is Mine is Mine!

By: Ray Larson

Posted: July 20, 2015

Category: Daily Devotional

I hope you will read the scripture, Genesis 25:19-34, before you read this meditation on what I may think the writer is saying. Now what do you suppose the message is for us to understand? Will our understanding help us live today closer to our Creator God? After all, in our busy days this is what we ought to seek. O Lord, please help me to live a more faithful life beginning with my faith in God and with my love of family, and with all people.

I believe that we can all learn more of what we hope for in life by reading this mediation, and therefore, come to a better understanding of why I think as I do, and how I live as I do, and believe as I do. How it affects my life with my Creator, my spouse and my family, and what I value most.

Is this asking too much from this little mediation? Not really, because we can learn much about whom we are and what we believe. Are we really living the faith we confess? Are we really concerned about this as we ought to be, and perhaps could be?

From these few verses we learn that the boys, who are twins, have entirely different interests; Esau we are told was a favorite of his Father because he was a very skillful hunter, who liked being active outside in the field. Jacob was more his mother’s favorite who we are told was more of a thinker than a doer. Reading our story we have learned that because Esau was born first, he had the birthright. The family name and positions were passed on to the eldest, in this case Esau.

Our scripture explains that Esau was out doing his thing. He came home famished and found that Jacob was cooking a favorite stew. We all have learned that Esau’ hunger was primary at that time, more so, than his birthright. Here is the lesson of life we all need to learn, not to give up our belief we value tremendously for something much less in value, just to satisfy an immediate need!


Heavenly Father, You know us better than we know ourselves, please forgive our thoughts and acts which do not value You as our maker and redeemer. Amen.