Which Will You Choose – the World or Jesus?

By: Amy McKee

Posted: June 10, 2014

Category: Daily Devotional

The Beatitudes given to us by Jesus at the Sermon on the Mount, present a stark contrast between the values of this world and what God values. All you have to do is turn on the television for 2 minutes and you are bombarded with the values of our society. “This world” tends to focus on what type of car you drive, what type of education you have, how quickly are you moving up the career ladder, how deep is your financial portfolio, what type of retirement plan do you have, and the list goes on and on.

The Beatitudes tell us how to be blessed. “Blessed” mean more than happiness. The Beatitudes don’t promise laughter, pleasure, or earthly prosperity. To Jesus, “blessed” means to experience hope and joy independent of outward circumstances. Following Jesus no matter what, brings us our greatest sense of happiness, full of hope and joy, no matter the circumstances we are faced with.

God tells us blessed are the poor in spirit, the clashing worldly values focus on pride and personal independence. Blessed are those who mourn, but the world says make sure you seek happiness at any cost, no matter what the consequences. Blessed are those who are meek but the world says those who are powerful matter the most. Jesus says, blessed are the righteousness, the world says do whatever it takes to pursue your personal needs. Blessed are the merciful but the world tell us just be strong, don’t worry about how you feel. Blessed are the pure in heart, but society says deception is acceptable, do whatever it takes to move ahead. Blessed are the persecuted, but the world focuses on being wishy washy, not standing up for what you truly believe in, especially not standing up for Jesus.

Friends, which Beatitude is speaking to you this week? Focus on one or two and really pray about how that Beatitude fits into your life and how you can shine His light by following the Beatitudes in an often “look at me and my stuff world.”


God of Everything, You have blessed us with more than we can even imagine, yet we always tend to long for something more. Help us to take time and be thankful for everything You have given us and consider all of our blessings are amazing gifts from You. We love You and we thank You. Amen.