My Favorite Christmas Things

While I have enjoyed The Sound of Music for years, I have often wondered how one song, My Favorite Things was adopted into the collection of Christmas songs. Obviously the references to “brown paper packages tied up with strings,” “crisp apple strudel,” and “sleigh bells” reminded many people of the holidays and so it became a standard in the Christmas music library. I was inspired by the song title and thought the insertion of “Christmas” would be an appropriate theme for the 2018 Advent Devotional.

The theme for the 2018 Advent Devotional is “My Favorite Christmas Things”. The dish, “Tomato Gravy,” the recipe for it, and how it came to be a part of Christmas Breakfast might be an interesting story. Your favorite thing might be a must see every year movie, singing Christmas carols, your favorite ugly sweater, Christmas decoration or ornaments, the family gatherings, the food. The possibilities are endless.

“My Favorite Christmas Things” has the potential for being one of our best Advent Devotionals. Once again scripture lessons and prayers will be added to your submissions. Please share one or more of your favorite Christmas Things. Sign up by calling Alan at 294-3121. You can email your submission to If you have a personal photo you would like to include, please attach to your email or bring it by the office to be scanned. Submissions will be due November 1. Thank you!