Come To The Stable and To Bethlehem Square

The year 2014 brings an exciting change to the 10th annual outdoor living nativity presentation at First Presbyterian Church.  The addition of “Bethlehem Square” in McLeod Hall will extend the nativity experience with a visit to a Judean town square and the activities visitors might have experienced in ages past.

Shopkeepers will be offering complimentary food similar to that found in Bethlehem on that special night two thousand years ago.  Visitors will have many choices including: fresh fruit and cheeses, tasty breads and cookies, flavored and seasoned olive oils for dipping bread, and hummus with olive tapenades and finally, a beverage stand dispensing white grape and apple juices and hot cider.  All the food will be served by costumed shopkeepers from their specialty booths.

Visitors to the square will be invited to mingle with the shopkeepers and villagers, including the nativity cast, to listen to live musical entertainment while they eat, and to sign the census to receive a token redeemable for a memento of the evening.

Again this year, the live animals and our talented narrators and performers will combine with the instrumentalists accompanying our heavenly chorus to bring the nativity to life. The audience may sing along with the chorus on some of the songs as we celebrate the birth of Jesus beneath the stars and then follow Village Elders into Bethlehem Square for food and more special experiences.

Our performances are on Saturday evening, December 13 at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30.  Parking is in the back of the church with entry from the street immediately north of the church buildings.  Handicapped parking is provided, there is seating for everyone, including wheel chair access, and all areas, including rest rooms, are handicap accessible.  First Presbyterian Church of Winter Haven is located at 637 Sixth Street NW.

COME TO THE STABLE AND TO BETHLEHEM SQUARE is our gift to the community to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  We invite you to join us and encourage you to invite your friends to accompany you.