Easter Reflections: Serving the Spirit!

Now tell me, does life seem to you to be complicated? What would be your answer to that question? Well, I guess that all depends who is asking. And there is no doubt the answer would depend what’s going on at the moment.

From my prospectus, it just seems as if life becomes more and more complicated, as the days and years pile up upon one another. I hope I don’t sound as if I’m complaining because I’m not! It’s sort of like running the Boston Marathon; you just have to run the last 6 miles since you have just finished running the first 20. The finish line has been established you have to do your best to get there.

Perhaps one of the best indicators of how life is going is the daily newspaper. Life can just simply run right by you. The gun has just gone off and before you know it the end is in sight. Jesus knew that he had trained his followers to carry on without him being with them physically, but spiritually they were ready. This is the message I pray we can all give thought to, I allow Christ’s Spirit to live in me and all that I am able to do? Jesus told his close group, it’s up to you. I will be here with you, but if I’m to live, it will be through your living in my Spirit.

– Ray Larson


O God our heavenly Father, continue to guide, direct and teach me to always be faithful in loving spirit with Christ my Lord and Savior. Amen.