Please Join Us Christmas Eve Morning


The Chancel Choir, Youth, and children will have a special Christmas gift for you on Christmas Eve. They have been working on “Images of Adoration, Reflections of Christ in Symbols of the Season”, a Christmas Cantata by Pepper Choplin. They will be presenting this cantata on Christmas Eve morning at the single 10:00 a.m. service. Mr. Choplin has become one of my favorite choral composers over the last few years because his writing seems to be centered on the message he wants people to hear through his music.

The publisher describes the cantata accurately: “We all enjoy the beauty of Christmas – the music and candles, the greenery and crimson flowers, the holy symbols of the manger, the star. These symbols are not merely decorations of the season. Their presence draws us into the story of Christmas each year, reminding us of the power, simplicity, and the awesome significance of the birth of the Christ Child.” (Lorenz, 2014) The music joins several different styles combining new melodies with cherished hymns. I am delighted that we will have the children and youth join the adult choir for several of the songs and narration throughout the cantata.

Please join us on this special morning as we worship and anticipate the birth of our Lord. Lynn McCoy